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More Life as a Dog

***2024 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist!***

Part 2 of Life as a Dog
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The adventures of one man and his black and tan dachshund continue in the second volume of tales where the boundary between dog and owner are as blurred as ever.

From nearly losing Kevin in the back gardens of suburban London to facing accusations of being highway robbers, from accidentally gate crashing a birthday party to meeting Amy Winehouse in the months before her untimely death, the funny, heartwarming and moving moments keep on coming.
The only question is: Will this earnest yet playful, boisterous yet lazy, demanding yet caring dachshund ever get the quiet life he seeks?

More Life as a Dog is the eagerly awaited follow-up to the “adorable” My Life as a Dog.


I'm delighted to announce that More Life as a Dog is a Finalist in the 2024 Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the category Animals / Pets.


A “charming memoir” with “many vivid descriptions of his beloved dog.” The writing is “fresh, appealing, and insightful,” with “elegant” phrasing. The BookLife Prize.
Kevin the dachshund has a little part of my heart after reading this heartwarming story…This book is well written and short enough to read in one sitting, which is perfect as you won’t want to put it down. Andrew Reads
This is a fun, light hearted read especially for any dog lover. It's heart-warming, it's very touching and…a short, beautiful read. One for over a coffee or two with your favourite canine companion. Nicki’s Book Blog
This is memoir meets heartfelt storytelling…with both laugh out loud moments and moments that warm the heart, too. This is a quick read and a perfect one to lift the spirits in a new year. Dr Charley Barnes

Blog Tour

I am delighted to announce that a Blog Tour for More Life as a Dog took place from Monday 8 to Sunday 14 January, 2024, with a blogger posting a review each day.

All the updates and news were posted over on P-Wave Press, but you can read here all about their thoughts on the book, which was described as a “heartwarming” and “touching” read, with "laugh out loud moments" to "lift the spirits in a new year."
More Life as a Dog Blog Tour

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You can also read more about More Life as a Dog and how the stories took shape in a recent column.

Cover art

As for My Life as a Dog, the cover design for More Life as a Dog features a drawing I did of Kevin the Dachshund many moons ago. Yet I can remember the moment as clearly as if it was yesterday.

I was sat on the sofa with my sketch pad on my knees, in the mood to draw something, although I didn’t know what. Kevin lay beside me, tucked up against my thigh. All was quiet. Then there was a loud bang outside and he sat up and stared intently out of the window.

Seizing the opportunity to record a moment for posterity, and capture one of his most typical poses, I grabbed my sketch pad and started drawing, finishing just as he lay back down to go to sleep.
The Original Cover Art for More Life as a Dog
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