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The Hunter Cut

Escape: The Hunter Cut by LA Davenport
That is the question John, a trauma doctor, asks himself over and over as he mourns the death of his wife.

Lost and alone, he wanders the streets of a glamorous Mediterranean resort trying to escape the pain.

He drifts from bar to bar until he meets Jasna, a captivating hostess. She teases him out of his suffering and, against their better judgement, they fall in love.
Then tragedy strikes, and John is pitched into a ruthless world of drugs, prostitution and murder, where life is cheap and nothing is as it seems.

In this all-new edition, Escape, The Hunter Cut takes the classic tale of L.A. Davenport’s debut novel Escape and retells it through John’s eyes, as he battles with himself and the events that threaten to overwhelm him.

More to follow…

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Escape: The Hunter Cut | Pushing the Wave