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A 'Heartwarming' and 'Touching' Read

Writing, 14 January 2024
by L.A. Davenport
More Life as a Dog Blog Tour
More Life as a Dog, available in eBook, Paperback and Hardback
I took a bit of a break from the site, and from my writing, over the festive period, but that doesn’t mean that all was quiet.

Following on from the successful launch of More Life as a Dog, the follow-up to My Life as a Dog, at the beginning of December, this week played host to a blog tour for the latest instalment with reviews posted every day for seven days.

The first time I came across the idea for a blog tour, in which book enthusiasts give their thoughts on the latest publications in a coordinated fashion, typically around the launch date, was via The Bestseller Experiment.

As an independent author and publisher, it immediately struck me as the ideal way to generate some attention and interest, and much-needed reviews, for my books, as well as a positive and enriching means for the book community to come together in a way that benefits readers, reviewers, authors and publishers alike.

The blog tour for More Life as a Dog was organised by Heather Fitt, of Overview Media, and involved seven leading bloggers, who had responded to a call from Heather for participants in the preceding months.
In the days running up to the start, I was a little nervous, despite some early positive reviews on Amazon. After all, I wanted the book to be well received, and to give the kind of pleasure I had in writing the book, and indeed in experiencing my many adventures with Kevin, my black and tan dachshund.

I needn’t have worried.
Kevin the Dachshund Being Adorable
You find more details over on P-Wave Press, where day-by-day updates on the reviews were posted, but the week got of to a great start.

On Monday, 8 January, Lynda’s Book Reviews and News described More Life as a Dog as “a gentle and easy read and I’m sure a lot of dog owners will recognise some of the traits in their own pets.”
Emma Fitzgerald, aka Tea Leaves and Book Leaves, posted her review the next day. She highlighted, as did many others, that the book can be read as a standalone, rather than only as a sequel to My Life as a Dog.

Overall, she found More Life as a Dog “a very touching and heart-warming read. The book is well written and a lovely read 4 stars.”
On the Wednesday Abi, over on Instagram, said the book is “the epitome of a dog being a man’s best friend,” and said she “really liked the writing style."

It was Andrew Reads’ turn on the Thursday, and in a five-star review, he said: “Kevin the dachshund has a little part of my heart after reading this heartwarming story."

He added: “This book is well written and short enough to read in one sitting, which is perfect as you won’t want to put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Kevin, and will definitely be on the hunt for more by this author.”
Next was Nicki’s book blog, where she said: “This is a fun, light hearted read especially for any dog lover,” she writes glowingly. “It's heart-warming, it's very touching and also that for some of us, we have overcome much due to having that canine companion at our side.”

Overall, the book is “a short, beautiful read. One for over a coffee or two with your favourite canine companion,” she said.
Kevin the Dachshund on Caledonian Road
Ellie Shepherd gave her thoughts on the Saturday, saying: “I had the pleasure of reviewing "More Life as a Dog" by L.A Davenport about one man and his rescue dog Kevin."

She added: “This was a lovely story of the relationship between humans and dogs I could relate with 💞 Recommend 5
The last review, on the Sunday, was by Dr Charley Barnes, and was posted on Instagram.

She said it was an “utter joy” to spend some time with More Life as a Dog, adding that it “works perfectly as a standalone as much as a sequel” to My Life as a Dog.

Charley added that “this is memoir meets heartfelt storytelling, delivered in accessible prose with both laugh out loud moments and moments that warm the heart, too.”

She concluded: “This is a quick read and a perfect one to lift the spirits in a new year.”

After a lovely week of wonderful reviews, I can only suggest that you check out More Life as a Dog yourself, or go right ahead and Buy it Now.
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A 'Heartwarming' and 'Touching' Read | Pushing the Wave