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The Penny Magazine

One of the treasures of the collection of books that my father gave me a few years ago is a fairly slim tome containing the 1841 issues of The Penny Magazine, an illustrated British periodical that was aimed at the working class and published every Saturday from 31 March 1832 to 31 October 1845.

The magazine was initially incredibly successful, selling an estimated 200,000 copies in 1832, although it’s heavy use of illustrations was to become it’s undoing, leading to increasing costs and a dwindling circulation due to need to put up the cover price.

However, the magazine is treasure trove of informative and entertaining articles on an huge range of topics, always with an educational bent.

Here I present you, dear reader, with a few extracts, chosen, as always, not entirely at random.

The Penny Magazine

Created by: Charles Knight

Society of the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge


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