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British Bee-Keeper’s Guide Book

The Management of Bees in Moveable-comb Hives, and the Use of Modern Bee-Appliances

Illustrated by T. W. Cowan, Chairman British Bee-Keepers’ Association

Madgwick, Houston, and Co., Ltd and “The British Bee Journal” Office. Nineteenth edition, 1907

Vintage Books #8
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“Apiculture—a term generally understood to include the practice and science of bee-keeping on modern methods—is admittedly one of the most profitable rural occupations. It has engaged the attention of intelligent persons in all ages; but not until comparatively recent years has the pursuit been rendered not an entirely matter of chance, as formerly, but of certainty, if the weather be not altogether averse to the labour of bees and the secretion of nectar.

Many of the advantages possessed by the bee-keeper of to-day are, no doubt, fairly attributable to the continued improvement of bee appliances and methods of manufacture during the last ten years; but not a little to of the progress is due to the spread of apicultural knowledge by the literature devoted to the subject; nor must we lose sight of the prominence given to bee-keeping and honey production by the continual reference to the pursuit in the daily Press. This latter fact, however, has led to not a few failures, owing to persons engaging in the pursuit without possessing any knowledge of bees or their management, and, after keeping them in a more or less slovenly fashion for a few years, they have given them up in disgust through failure arising from want of knowledge of the first principles of bee-culture.

Although anyone may possess bees, it is not everyone who can become a proficient bee-master. Only energy and perseverance, together with aptness for investigation, can ensure real success. While some degree of aptitude is essential in this, as in every other pursuit, ordinary ability—directed to the attainment of a specific end—will be more likely to be rewarded by success. The man thoroughly conversant with his business, familiar with all its requirements, master of its every detail, and who, moreover, is industrious and energetic will succeed; and if, in addition to this, he possesses good business abilities in purchasing and marketing his goods, his success will be certain. Such a person could easily acquire all the knowledge needed for making a substantial success of bee-keeping. In other words, one man can always sell more good honey than he can secure, while another can obtain it in great quantities, yet fails to find a market for his produce. It therefore behoves everyone who engages in the pursuit to bear in mind the importance of the above-mentioned points.”
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Bee-Keepers | Pushing the Wave