Pushing the Wave 2017–2022 | Pushing the Wave

Pushing the Wave 2017–2022

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Pushing the Wave 2017-2022 by LA Davenport

I'd rather be called a pig any time

Since 2017, Pushing the Wave has grown from a showcase for L.A. Davenport’s books to a forum for short stories, reviews, recipes, drawings, photographs and much, much more.

Its scope expanded even further in 2022 with a weekly column that delves into questions big and small drawn from the riches of daily life.

This first volume gathers together the best of the first five years of Pushing the Wave, tackling a dazzling array of topics.
From the dislocating effect of travel to the benefits of music and procrastination for creative writing, the information overload that threatens to drown us all, the unique magic of woodlands and the need to stay true to yourself.

And most important of all: a recipe for the ultimate peanut butter smoothie.

More to follow…

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Pushing the Wave 2017–2022 | Pushing the Wave