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The British Bee Journal and Bee-Keeper’s Adviser

Volume XV. January–December 1887

Edited by Thomas William Cowan

John Huckle and Kent and Co, 1888

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Bee Journal Issue 240
Bee Journal Issue 239
“Editorial, Notices, &c.
Brazilian bees.

The last volume of the Journal contained various inquiries respecting the bees to be found in Brazil, which were not, however, satisfactorily answered. Some light has been thrown on this subject in a work recently published in two volumes entitled, Three Thousand Miles through Brazil, by J. W. Wells (Sampson Low). Mr Wells was a civil engineer engaged in extensive surveys of the vast country of Brazil, and these volumes record the story of seventeen years of his life passed in the exercise of a profession which carried hm over a very considerable portion of the country, and brought him into intimate relations with all the phases of Brazilian life. These years were passed in farms, in huts, under canvas, or with only the starlit skies for a canopy; riding, tramping, boating, canoeing, or rafting on many streams and rivers. Great varieties of climate were met with in these peregrinations.”
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