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Calling All Authors!

Make your stories come alive!

Writing, 3 November 2019 onwards
by L.A. Davenport
A Corona Typewriter
Writing a story, let alone a novel, is never easy.

Plot, timelines, characterisation and believability are just a small number of the very many aspects to consider when building a convincing narrative, not to mention word counts, chapter lengths, opening lines, story arcs and so much more.

Yet one essential part of story writing is frequently overlooked. One that can nevertheless be taxing, time-consuming and occasionally infuriating. That’s right: Coming up with character names.

You know how it is. You have that character, the one who is going to drive the plot and, through their mercurial yet irresistible personality, draw readers in to the very heart of the story.

And of course you want a name to match. One that suits their many facets. One that rolls of the tongue. One that is original and memorable and yet sounds realistic enough that you could imagine encountering them in real life.

But it's not that simple, is it, to find that name?

Unbeatable Offer

This is where I can help you, dear author.

I have compiled an exclusive set of character names for all personality and story types, genres and periods in history, divided into tranches and presented to you, the writing community, for your benefit.

And what’s more, each character name is for sale, ready to be used in your stories, straight away.

Yes, that’s right. You too can have compelling names for your leading women and men, and take your stories, novellas and novels to the next level, bringing you ever closer to the success, fame and fortune you crave!!!!

Make your writing come alive!!!!

Only €2 (two euros) for a character in a novella, or $5 (five US dollars) in a novel!!!*

Hurry now, there’s no time to wait!!!!
Tranche One
  • Anderson Bobble
  • Olberhurst Pang
  • Patch McDrum
  • Beet O’Shoe
  • Shy Fitter
Tranche Two
  • Fret Likely
  • Saucy Andrews
  • Bob Shelter
  • Slack Overend
  • Felicity Duck‬
Tranche Three
  • Everard Kink
  • Basket O’Hara
  • Pinchus Smack
  • Ham Bustard
  • Leafy Ostler‬‬
Tranche Four
  • Andy Several
  • Lazy Sandwich
  • Herr Trigger
  • Dawn Finger
  • Bovril McSimpson
Tranche Five
  • Awkward Lozenge
  • Davison Davisonson
  • Definite Article
  • Fran Gipane
  • Mike Go
Tranche Six
  • Jangly Tweeks
  • Wool Cutters
  • Bernard Felt
  • Abraham Lessen
  • Charity Daws
Tranche Seven
  • Miss Miss
  • Everly Now
  • Chaste Mourning
  • Sam Endlipen
  • Tigger Pang
Tranche Eight
  • Nigel Halloumi
  • Steve Entropy
  • Jazz Hans
  • Christoper Exposition
  • Curiosity Sage
Tranche Nine
  • Dave Bins
  • Agremont Spree
  • Hermione Execution
  • Lacily Pan
  • Dick Chisel
Tranche Ten
  • George George
  • Hab Carrot
  • Cutterman Pi
  • Alvin Nown
  • Obstinance Flim
Tranche Eleven
  • Lester Plumage
  • Smadj Hooley
  • Lucius Scrun
  • Dai Towel
  • Constant Cherry
Tranche Twelve
  • Mo Cheaze
  • Emily Tube
  • Louis Tender
  • Barrington Twee
  • Lexi Dextrous
Tranche Thirteen
  • Edgar From
  • Nabb Fasty
  • Felicia Ampersand
  • Alfred Pom
  • Alicia B. Kumquat III
Tranche Fourteen
  • Glynn Fizz
  • Slick Offal
  • Franny Bounce
  • Miss Sender
  • Tess Bedd
Tranche Fifteen
  • Fanty Glenister
  • Marc Favourable
  • Angsty Ryder
  • Malcolm Dense
  • Cuthbert Nausea
Tranche Sixteen
  • Saturated Ken
  • Hercules Fling
  • Isabella Aspirin
  • Maisy Trunk
  • Chuck Paracetamol
Tranche Seventeen
  • Flouncy Opioid
  • Moderate Bob
  • Magnolia Whey
  • Frederick Ouch
  • Spanky Muncher
Tranche Eighteen
  • Colostomy Adams
  • Bertram Haddock
  • Occasionally Sage
  • Lord Basil Clum
  • Evan Milligram
Tranche Nineteen
  • Laura Conversion
  • Misty Revenge
  • Agamemnon Clencher
  • Credibility Harvest
  • Eggs Pomodoro
Tranche Twenty
  • Noble Thrasher
  • Infinite Lint
  • Crapulous Fibble
  • Monty Monty Monty
  • Edgar Flask
Tranche Twenty One
  • Tessa Partial
  • Jodi Slap
  • Benjamin Vibe
  • Egbly Splink
  • Splendahlia Catscan
Tranche Twenty Two
  • Eric Kikoff
  • Martin Bloodpressure
  • Boyd Glew
  • Rusticated Gammon
  • Chastity Butt
Tranche Twenty Three
  • Sal Tee
  • Ars Pumonova
  • Beverly Sewer
  • Spigg Bankley
  • Anthony Colon Jones
*All major credit cards and cash accepted.
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