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The Marching Band Emporium

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The Marching Band Emporium by LA Davenport
In a lost corner of London, just outside the East End, lies a faded bow-fronted shop.

No-one ever visits, but if you were to push open the creaking door and step over the piles of unwanted mail, you would find, in the dust-laden darkness, row upon row of shelves stuffed with trumpets, tubas, cornets, trombones, clarinets, drums.

Each time one of the instruments is played, it tells a story; a different story every time. This is The Marching Band Emporium.

Intriguing, though-provoking and occasionally dazzling, The Marching Band Emporium is a personal selection from the former blog of the same name.


In 2008, I started a blog called The Marching Band Emporium.

The idea was to publish a piece of writing, drawing or other such creation every day for a year. After more or less keeping up, I stopped at the end of the year, eventually deciding I wanted to do something with all those posts, or at least those that stood out. I therefore put together and then published this collection, originally in 2009 in a rather basic form, updated and polished it for republishing in 2012, and then finally gave it a makeover it in 2018, with a decent cover and a proper layout.

As it says on the blurb: Alongside a rich crop of drawings, mini sagas, poetry, short stories and a healthy dose of twisted logic, the curious reader will find the brand-new genre of Excerpts from Lost Novels, taking you into half-lit scenarios and mesmerising characters from imagined books.

You will be taken on a journey into a world populated by faded actors, late-night revellers, ancient goddesses, young lovers, pop stars on the comeback road, and many, many more.

In it, you can follow my tentative first steps as a writer, with early versions of what would go on to form part of the collections Dear Lucifer and Other Stories and No Way Home.
© L.A. Davenport 2017-2024.

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The Marching Band Emporium | Pushing the Wave