Where are we now?

Finally I am here, back at my desk from a long period away with work, work, work, and I'm slowly trying to get my mind back into the space of writing fiction.

There is so much to do, so much I want to finish and start, that it can feel a little overwhelming sometimes and I end up gripped by a form of inertia. We all know that one: the beast of procrastination. I have to stop him squatting in the middle of my life and getting in the way of everything.

To help with that, I thought I would share with you, dear reader, what I am doing and plan on doing over the coming months:
  • Finish re-editing Stations of the Soul, which is the next story to be published from my upcoming collection No Way Home. That will then of course need typesetting and uploading to Amazon.
  • Prepare the five-day giveaway of Deathcast to celebrate the release of Stations of the Soul.
  • Re-edit the remaining three stories from No Way Home and prepare the whole book for publishing on Apple Books, Amazon and Kobo in time for Christmas.
  • Take the comments I received from my beta readers on the fourth draft of my novel Escape and incorporate those. They aren't so big, but they need careful attention and consideration.
  • Another complete edit of Escape.
  • Decide finally whether to send Escape to an agent or to self-publish. I vacillate daily over this one.
  • Start work on my next, as yet untitled novel, which I have completely plotted out and is ready to write.
Before starting that last one, maybe I should change the ribbons on my typewriter, as they are getting towards the end of their day. (Yes, I do write on a typewriter, the entire first draft, as it happens. I find the need to commit to the page on a typewriter forces me to commit in my mind, and the second edit, as I type it up to my computer, is always a huge and much-needed change.)

So there it is: a plan. My plan, indeed, for the next few months. After all that, I have lots of other things I want to start, including lots more novels. In the meantime, I'll have lots going on here, hopefully including some giveaways.

Talking of which, I have a FREE short story to giveaway to everyone who signs up to my newsletter. Just head over to the homepage to find out more…

L. A. Davenport