How Dear Lucifer Began

I have just written a piece on the page for my collection Dear Lucifer and Other Stories on what inspired the pieces and how they came to be published in that form.

I hope you find it interesting! I shall be adding pieces on the origins of No Way Home and Escape in the coming days…

L. A. Davenport

Pin to the beat

Recently, I told you about a board on Pinterest I had started on Great books that I love.

Now, I have launched a board on my personal selection of Great albums. Check it out here, or use the pincode below.

Great Albums Pincode from L.A. Davenport


A Pinterest in my favourite books

For a little while now, I’ve had a board on Pinterest with covers of some of my favourite books.

It’s still nascent, but growing all the time. Come over a join me, and maybe post some books of your own.

See the Great books board here, or use the Pincode.

Great Books Pincode from L. A. Davenport


Dear Lucifer: Reboot

While to all outwards appearances Dear Lucifer and Other Stories still looks the same, it has gone through somewhat of a transformation under the hood.



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