Escape – Out Now!

I’m excited to announce that my debut novel, Escape, is out now and available as an ebook and in paperback on Amazon.

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Escape to Dream

How my heartbreak following the death of David Bowie led me to Tumblr and the inspiration for the dream sequences in my debut novel Escape.

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Five-star Inspiration

Six years ago, I went on holiday to southern Italy. I thought I was going to get away from it all, but I ended up being inspired to write my first novel.

Find out how a strange occurrence in a five-star hotel and a chance encounter with a mysterious Russian led to the genesis of my new thriller Escape.

L. A. Davenport

(I have also written about the inspiration behind my collections Dear Lucifer and Other Stories and No Way Home.)

Escape Teaser

I have filmed and edited a teaser for my upcoming novel Escape, called Break-Up.

Break-Up from L. A. Davenport on Vimeo.

You can more read about Escape here on Pushing the Wave, or you can head over to P-Wave Press.

Escape – Pre-Order Now

Well, finally it’s here.

The moment I can tell you, dear reader, that not only is my novel Escape finished, editing and ready for the world with its shiny cover, but it is available for pre-order, exclusively (for now) on Amazon.

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I have filmed a teaser for my upcoming novel Escape.

See it on Vimeo here.