Creative Process

Still dreaming

The fourth and final short film of John's dreams in my debut novel Escape has been launched.

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No return

This week, I finished the sixth and seventh chapters of my work in progress on Monday, and yesterday I wrote the eighth.

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Steaming ahead

I have just finished chapter five of my work in progress.

Next chapter of work in progress by LA Davenport

It's still called The Labyrinth for now, but I am already thinking of new titles. One thing for sure is I am really enjoying exploring the main character.

(Although he doesn't have a name yet!)

L. A. Davenport

Dream on

Following on from the relaunch of my debut novel Escape, I have released a second short film of John's dreams.

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Next Up

I have just finished chapter two of the next work in progress, which is tentatively called The Labyrinth (we’ll see how long that lasts).

And it was all written on this bad boy…

Typewrter used by LA Davenport for his work in progress

Can’t wait to get to the next chapter!

L. A. Davenport

Should a writer write every day?

Should a writer write every day - by LA Davenport

This is the eternal question, or at least it seems to be nowadays. It has become very common and somewhat fashionable to throw down challenges to write daily, with the aim of developing a writing habit.

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Cover Art for My Life as a Dog

Dear Reader,

I was going through my old drawings and I thought I’d share with you the original sketch I made of my lovely dachshund, Kevin.

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Hounds of love

My Life as a Dog by LA Davenport 3D Cover

I am happy to report that, after much blood, sweat and tears (well, some sweat and a lot of effort), my memoir of a life shared with a black and tan dachshund is coming soon.

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Escape to Dream

How my heartbreak following the death of David Bowie led me to Tumblr and the inspiration for the dream sequences in my debut novel Escape.

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Five-star Inspiration

Six years ago, I went on holiday to southern Italy. I thought I was going to get away from it all, but I ended up being inspired to write my first novel.

Find out how a strange occurrence in a five-star hotel and a chance encounter with a mysterious Russian led to the genesis of my new thriller Escape.

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L. A. Davenport

(I have also written about the inspiration behind my collections Dear Lucifer and Other Stories and No Way Home.)

How Dear Lucifer Began

I have just written a piece on the page for my collection Dear Lucifer and Other Stories on what inspired the pieces and how they came to be published in that form.

I hope you find it interesting! I shall be adding pieces on the origins of No Way Home and Escape in the coming days…

L. A. Davenport

Print out

I am super excited to announce that my books Dear Lucifer and Other Stories and No Way Home are now available as paperbacks, alongside the original shiny eBooks!

Thanks to Amazon’s lovely print service, you can order them to be delivered straight to your door, and you may even see them turn up on other catalogues.

So to get your copies, head over to my Amazon page to find out more…

L. A. Davenport

You're dead, let's disco!

Guilty pleasure: I know it’s been a long while since it finished, but Sex and the City remains one of my favourite TV shows.

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Creating Book Covers

For the covers of my collections No Way Home and Dear Lucifer and Other Stories, I had the great fortune of working with someone who is not only a great friend but also a great designer, David Löwe, from Berlin, Germany.

To find out how David approaches design in general, and the covers for my books in particular, I caught up with him recently, asking him on how he comes up with his ideas, how he uses typography, the challenge of eBooks and the importance of animation in presenting book designs.

To read the interview, complete with illustrations, short movies and revealing insights into the creative process, go here.

You can see more of David’s work and some of what inspires him on Instagram.

L. A. Davenport

Writing Process: Surveillance Capitalism

In October, I talked about a couple of books that I had found very inspiring for an as-yet unnamed book that I am writing about a dystopian future.

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Mozartian mind grease

How do you keep going when you have a looming writing deadline or overwhelming word count to achieve, or when you’re writing something that is far outside your comfort zone?

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Tumblring over Freedom of Expression

What does ‘freedom of expression’ mean? Does it mean you can say what you like, whenever you like, wherever you like, to whomever you like? No, it clearly doesn’t. We have to respect rights of our audience as an equal individual, and to respect their background and their feelings. That much is obvious, and that is why we have laws against, for example, racism, intolerance and incitement to hatred.

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Ready for editing...

Deathcast by L. A. Davenport available now on Amazon, Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play, and Kobo

Sending the next story from my upcoming collection to be edited…

Where are we now?

Finally I am here, back at my desk from a long period away with work, work, work, and I'm slowly trying to get my mind back into the space of writing fiction.

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Thank you, The Bestseller Experiment

I think I’ve always been a writer. My mother likes to talk about the poetry and short stories I wrote when I was knee-high to a grasshopper. Certainly for as long as I can remember, I have been creating stories, characters, conversations, scenes and even entire fictional worlds, and lived so deeply in my favourite books that it feels, looking back, as if fiction was more real to me than reality.

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Writing Process: Research

I am doing some (well, lots, actually) of research for a novel I am working on. The idea has been gestating for a long time, but I needed some inspiration to help me give it more shape.

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Dear Lucifer Design Process

The cover design process for my book Dear Lucifer and Other Stories by the brilliant David Löwe.

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Creativity happens in the transition between order and chaos.