Search me!

In November, I added something to this site that I realised was essential, and was surprised that I hadn’t thought of adding before: a contact form.

Today, dear readers, I experienced an even bigger epiphany when it occurred to me that it is impossible for visitors to Pushing the Wave to search for those little nuggets I have published here that they may find appealing.

This is especially difficult when considering this blog, let alone the main pages, contains hundreds of posts. Yet the homepage, for the sake of loading times, only displays the last twenty five to be published. What are you supposed to do? Trawl through the archives until you find something you are interested in? I think not.

Of course, I say it ‘is’ especially difficult to find things, when I should really say ‘was’, for I have just added the ability to search not only the standalone pages on Pushing the Wave, but also every single entry in the blog archive.

Simply visit the Contact page, type into the brand-new search bar below the newsletter sign-up link, and voila! An instantaneous list of every related page on the site.


L. A. Davenport