Next Station on the Journey

I am delighted to announce that Stations of the Soul has joined No Way Home and Dear Lucifer and Other Stories on Apple Books, Google Play, and Kobo.


About Stations of the Soul

There can be no rest on the voyage of life.

Come on an intimate journey into the dark heart of pre-millennium London as we follow an eclectic cast of characters from all walks of life, linked only by coincidence and crossed paths, who shine a kaleidoscope light onto this truly global city. Meet awkward flatmates, pretentious designers, drunken bar flies, stiff executives, lazy office workers, struggling jewellery designers, ageing musicians and arguing couples; and fall into the twilight hours of the city as the ripples of drunken excess spread out until morning.

Stations of the Soul is a love letter to London and a breathtaking sweep across a day in the life of the city, from the collection No Way Home by L. A. Davenport.

The cover design is by the brilliant David Löwe.

Get it now.

L. A. Davenport