My Life as a Dog Out Now

My memoir of the life I shared with my dachshund Kevin, My Life as a Dog, is out now.

My Life as a Dog by LA Davenport Banner


My Life as a Dog is the funny, heartwarming and moving story of a life shared between a black and tan dachshund and his owner.

Told over two days and a weekend drawn from their many years together, it explores how Kevin overcame his cruel upbringing to flower into a self-confident dog that left everyone he met spellbound. And as they grew together, his owner learned to live in the present and navigate the difficult times they faced together.

But with Kevin rejected by the canine world and their connection ever-more profound and symbiotic, the question was: What does he think I am?

My Life as a Dog is published by P-Wave Press. You can find out more about it here.

I hope you enjoy it.

L. A. Davenport