Deathcast all around!

Finally, Deathcast has joined Screen Grab, Stations of the Soul, No Way Home and Dear Lucifer and Other Stories on Apple Books, Google Play, and Kobo.


About Deathcast

The sanctity of human life means nothing when that life is not serving society

When a man visits an illegal pub in a dead zone of the city, it triggers a chain of events that forces a band of resistance fighters to rise up against a brutal state that uses Wellness as a means of oppression, punishing those who do not look after their health with death. With the man’s young daughter brainwashed into believing her father must die to protect society, can the fighters use the state’s weapons against them to infiltrate a heavily guarded ministry building in time to save him?

Deathcast is a dark and thrilling journey into a dystopian future from the collection No Way Home by L. A. Davenport..

The cover design is by the brilliant David Löwe.

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L. A. Davenport