Brand New Cover – No Way Home

I am very happy to announce that my short story collection No Way Home has had a makeover and has a brand-new cover!

David Löwe has updated his previous version, incorporating colours and elements from the cover of Stations of the Soul, as well as elements from Screen Grab and Deathcast, all of which form part of the collection.


About No Way Home
Love, loss, and the eternal quest for acceptance

A teenage girl desperate for reconciliation with her absent father; a woman manipulated into thinking she is insane; a dystopian future where unhealthiness is punishable by death; the unrequited love of a shop assistant; an intimate journey into London’s kaleidoscope heart; the wedding dream of a dying solider far from home.

No Way Home is a new collection of thought-provoking, poignant and thrilling stories by L. A. Davenport, featuring Screen Grab, Deathcast, Stations of the Soul and three other brand-new stories..

The cover design is by the brilliant David Löwe.

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L. A. Davenport