The life we once knew

If only the deceptions of socialising were all we had to worry about.

Pen and crayon, circa April 2009.

The Life We Once Knew by LA Davenport

Still dreaming

The fourth and final short film of John's dreams in my debut novel Escape has been launched.

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No return

This week, I finished the sixth and seventh chapters of my work in progress on Monday, and yesterday I wrote the eighth.

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Steaming ahead

I have just finished chapter five of my work in progress.

Next chapter of work in progress by LA Davenport

It's still called The Labyrinth for now, but I am already thinking of new titles. One thing for sure is I am really enjoying exploring the main character.

(Although he doesn't have a name yet!)

L. A. Davenport

Dream on

Following on from the relaunch of my debut novel Escape, I have released a second short film of John's dreams.

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Next Up

I have just finished chapter two of the next work in progress, which is tentatively called The Labyrinth (we’ll see how long that lasts).

And it was all written on this bad boy…

Typewrter used by LA Davenport for his work in progress

Can’t wait to get to the next chapter!

L. A. Davenport

Escape Relaunched

I am delighted and excited to announce that my debut novel, Escape, has been relaunched, with a fantastic new cover.

Escape by LA Davenport Out Now in Paperback and eBook

To celebrate, I have produced a short film of the images that I used to devise the first dream of the main character, John Hunter, in the novel.

Find out more, and watch the film, here.

L. A. Davenport

Do you really need an iPhone?

I was once asked by a friend in a bar in Madrid, who was both too young and too old (and too drunk) to know better, what life was like before the internet.

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How to clean vinyl records

How to Clean Vinyl Recors by LA Davenport

In these strange times, we have the opportunity to take a little more time over things and get around to some of those jobs that we’re been putting off for an aeon.

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Should a writer write every day?

Should a writer write every day - by LA Davenport

This is the eternal question, or at least it seems to be nowadays. It has become very common and somewhat fashionable to throw down challenges to write daily, with the aim of developing a writing habit.

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Lockdown in Nice

Life in the shadow of Covid-19

Nice, France, is not the worst place to be stuck in lockdown. The sun still shines and the sky remains blue, but life in many other ways, some subtle, some obvious, has changed enormously.

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Cover Art for My Life as a Dog

Dear Reader,

I was going through my old drawings and I thought I’d share with you the original sketch I made of my lovely dachshund, Kevin.

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Peanut Butter Smoothie Recipe

Peanut Butter Smoothie Recipe by LA Davenport

The other day, in an independent café I shall not name, I perused the menu, unsure of what I wanted to drink. Eventually my eyes alighted on three enticing little words: Peanut Butter Smoothie.

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